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Todd Walts, Executive Director

Mr. Walts is an experienced non-profit leader and professional speaker with more than 25 years serving youth and adults.  He also has a wealth of experience that spans business, education, prevention education, and as a youth director. He joined the NAMI Delaware and Morrow Counties affiliate in January 2018.

He has been mentored by Dr. John C. Maxwell,  as part of the John Maxwell Team in the area of leadership, communication, and personal growth. He is a dynamic, fun and engaging presenter, speaker and trainer who has presented throughout the US, as well as national and international conferences in Dallas, TX, Seattle, WA, Myrtle Beach, SC, New Orleans, LA, Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH and on college campuses, including Georgia Southern University, Case Western Reserve University, and Miami University of Ohio. Using his friendly and relational style, he shares tender moments as a springboard for positive change.

Mr. Walts is a recognized prevention expert and has written, produced and directed more than 40 discussion starter videos and he has had the privilege of significantly impacting over 1 million teens and youth and thousands of adult educators throughout the United States.   He earned a Master of Arts degree in Human Services Counseling and a Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. He has served for more than ten years as a non-profit leader and is a champion for standing up against injustice and stigma.  He has worked directly with youth and educators to provide a safe school environment as a nationally certified bullying prevention, suicide prevention, and dating abuse prevention expert.  He has trained under Gavin de Becker & Associates in Los Angeles, CA, the nation’s premier experts in violence prevention and is certified in Advanced Threat Assessment and Violence Prevention.


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